Early childhood

First smiles, first toys, first steps
Since the first months of life, children feel interested and attracted to the objects around them. Soon they begin to search for them and intentionally grab them, exploring the whole surrounding environment. Motor and intellectual progress are soon visible, and it is crucial to indulge them with stimulating but always safe games and activities.
  • Swing 3 in 1
  • Baby Camion con Luci e Suoni
  • Baby Veicoli Emergenza
  • Baby Xilofono
  • Bicicletta in Legno
  • Bruco Trainabile Musicale
  • Camion con Formine
  • Cane Trainabile in Legno
  • Casetta di Formine in Legno
  • Cavalcabile con Formine
  • Chitarra Suoni e Luci
  • Dinosauri Trainabili in Legno
  • Gioco Pescatore in Legno
  • Gira Giostrina
  • Grande Orso Peluche 130 cm
  • Grande Peluche Unicorno
  • Lavagna dell’Artista 2 in 1
  • Luminotto Light Baby
  • Luna Lampada Notturna
  • Mini Triciclo a Pedali
  • Minimoto Cavalcabile Blu
  • Minimoto Cavalcabile Rossa
  • Orsetto Carillon Lulu
  • Palestrina Multiattività
  • Palla Sonaglio in Stoffa 18 cm
  • Peluche Alpaca
  • Peluche Animali Savana
  • Peluche Orsetto Dolce Cuore

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