Music games

The voice and rhythm of the game - it's never too early to start playing!
All children are attracted to the world of sounds and music. Some of them will develop a specific talent, while others will continue to enjoy their favorite songs. For everyone, music is crucial for brain development processes: listening, playing, or singing always requires different skills such as the interpretation of emotions and one's sensitivity, but also the analysis of rhythm and sounds.
  • Baby Xilofono
  • Cruscotto Brum Brum Multifunzione
  • Giostrina Carillon Amici dei Sogni
  • Jimmy L’Aeroplanino Dondolino
  • Luminotto Light Baby
  • Sleeping Friend Unicorno Proiettore
  • Soft Peluche Carillon
  • Tartaruga Carillon Dolci Sogni