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Globo for the Globe

Let's have fun while being sustainaible

Globo for the Globe is the new sustainability-focused brand in Globo's Family, that offers a colorful range of fun and quality toys able to respect our nature.

In 2023, Globo decided to bet on the future with a complete catalogue of toys made of bioplastic components and recycled materials. Investing in the future means offering an ecosustainable playing solution to all our boys and girls, who wish to grow up in a world that is mindful of the nature. An investment that involved the packaging too, which is completely renewed and recyclable.

For all of us betting on Globo for the Globe means investing in a better future for all our kids

Globo Giocattoli
From 1982 #FreetoPlay, in a better word.

Globo Today

A company with 40 years of experience future-oriented. We look at environmental sustainability not only as a duty towards those who choose our toys but also as a chance to grow, together, into a better world.

Our showroom
"Taking care of the Earth in the same way we take care of our Kids"

Vehicles and means of transportation with Bioplastic

In the Globo for the Globe catalogue you can find many vehicles and means of transportation with distinctive textures and colours, made with bioplastic components and recyclable packaging. Designed for early childhood, with movable elements to be discovered and a tactile surface. They are a perfect choice for developing hand-eye coordination, the sense of touch and sight from as early as 10 months.

Educational and imitation games with Bioplastic

The Globo for the Globe catalogue takes care for the Earth as well as our Kids. It considers different growth needs, tastes and playing preferences adding the educational and imitation game category to the Globo for the Globe catalogue. These toys are the perfect choice to develop the own identity and the logical connections during the early childhood. Share them with your family and have fun together.

100% Recycled plush

Globo for the Globe does not forget to include in its catalogue one of the most iconic, cuddly and soft toy in the world, the beloved adventure companion of every little one: a cuddly teddy bear. Cuddles, softness and sustainability thanks made of 100% recycled material.

"Like a Butterfly, Free to Play and Grow, Together, in a Better World"