Globo in the world

New frontiers of entertainment

A constant adaptation ability to new entertainment frontiers has led us to push ourselves beyond the Italian borders to explore new ways of playing. This has led us to the Far East and every day open up new scenarios to a constantly evolving market. Even Europe today offers us choice and business opportunities.

Our experience allows us to take only the safest and most reliable ones and those with a good potential for success. To go home, every time, with something unique and innovative, conceived and produced as we would do it. To offer every child total freedom of fun.

Globo Today

Globo provides games for children, soft toys, remote-controlled, board games, make-up for girls, wooden toys and licensed product lines.

The large Globo showroom in Illasi is today the largest showroom in Italy and a point of reference for all stakeholders in the industry.

Our showroom
Born in Italy, raised in the world

Globo in Italy

We have a fully automated 32,000m2 warehouse to unload more than 800 containers in one year and handling over 12 million items. We can count on a widespread distribution network nationwide and a vehicle fleet to reach small shops and large-scale distribution shortly.

This is the strength of Globo in Italy. Our logistic and commercial method makes the difference and is used by other players to enhance their distribution capacity and reach every part of the country.

Globo in Hong Kong

Ensuring that every child has the right to play also means guaranteeing that every product is safe and reliable. Therefore, in 2005, Globo opened a Trading Company in Hong Kong, the commercial heart of China. Here, our collaborators work every day to verify that all the toys made meet the strict quality standards set by the company and carefully select the production supply.

This also offers other advantages, including analyze the world of toys perfectly, anticipating any requests, predicting trends, proposing the best innovations.