Globo today

Globo today

More than 60 employees at its headquarters in Illasi, near Verona.

A total surface of over 1500 square meters.

A trading company in Hong Kong dedicated to the selection of the best toys also in terms of safety and quality.

A 32.000sqm warehouse that allow to handle over 800 containers and 100 trucks in order to ship to our customers 1,200 lorries per year.

And a two-levels showroom of 2,500 square meters entirely renovated, the largest in Italy.

These are the numbers of Globo today.

The most important italian player for the importation of value for money toys, with more than 30-year history of steady growth.

This growth has transformed a small family business run by Carla and Giovanni Ortolani in a “top players” in the industry, able to anticipate market needs exploring, selecting, controlling and making available to every children a surprising variety of toys.

Today Globo is

Childhood toys, plushes, remote controls, board games, kid’s make-up, wooden toys and product lines under license.

  • 2.500 square meters
  • 2 floors of exhibition
  • More than 2.400 references on display
  • 25 thematic areas dedicated to different worlds of fun

The big Globo showroom in Illasi is now the largest showroom of Italy, a reference point for all operators in the sector.


Our evolution

The birth of a dream
Carla and Giovanni Ortolani give life to Globo S.r.l., starting with their most consistent asset: their entrepreneurial passion.
A place to grow up
It is the new headquarter in Illasi, near Verona, consisting of 500 sqm of offices, a showroom and a 1.300 sqm warehouse. It seems huge, three years after it will quadruple.
A reality bigger than the dream
The warehouse reaches 10.000sqm and is fully automated. The company develops graphics department and the IT. It's time for Globo to become a S.p.A.
Happy 20 Globo!
Globo celebrates 20 years and is still growing. The warehouse is expanded and reaches 32.000mq of covered area.
The Toys Road
China is the new frontier, the new global challenges start from there. Globo wants to be a protagonist, and creates a branch in Hong Kong.
25 years to look ahead
Globo reaches a quarter of a century and mature a greater awareness of its own potential. Is now a successful company, capable of growing further.
Globo thinks global
Implements new strategies. The company opens to licensing, concluding partnership agreements with some of the leading entertainment companies.
A new awareness for its brands
The entire company is involved in the definition of a new brand positioning. The first result is the release of a new institutional advertising campaign and the creation of a new communication format applied to all sub-brands.
Globo lands in the world of social networks
For the first time Globo starts to communicate with its clients and customers, besides through a renewed web site, also through a fan page on the world's most used social network: Facebook.
Youtube channel
Globo after the Facebook page also opened its own YouTube channel where they are published all the video materials produced by the company, both institutional and product.
E-commerce Globo
As an additional service to its consumers Globo opens a store directly online where you can find and purchase a selection of the wide product range of the company.
In 2017 Globe is pleased to celebrate the 35th year of activity: an important milestone that comes after a long and intense journey full of satisfactions. The company will continue to set ambitious goals to be achieved and there are many projects of which success we can celebrate for at the next anniversary ...


Friederich Von Schiller

At Globo we believe that playing is a right of all children, without exception.

We consider its presence as fundamental in every step of that wonderful path that leads each of us to become a man.

Our responsibility, even to parents, is to facilitate and support this process with safe and challenging toys.

Our task is to explore the worlds of fun selecting only the most suitable products in order to free the power of imagination, the power of creativity, musical talent and mental flexibility.

Skills that transform every child which is free to play in a child which is free to grow and become a fully human being.