Globo today

Our numbers

Over 60 collaborators in the headquarters in Illasi, a stone's throw from Verona. An operational area of over 1500sqm. A trading company in Hong Kong is dedicated to select the best toys for safety and quality. A 32,000 square meters warehouse allows us to handle over 800 containers and 100 trucks and ship 1,200 trucks per year destined for our customers. We also own a renovated 2,500mq showroom on two levels, the largest in Italy.

This is Globo today. Globo is the most relevant national company in value for money toys import. For over 40 years, it has been a protagonist in constant growth. This process has allowed the company to turn, from a small family business run by Carla and Giovanni Ortolani, into a "top player" in the toys field. Today Globo is able to anticipate market demands by exploring, selecting, controlling, and making an amazing variety of toys available to everyone.

Globo Today

Globo provides games for children, soft toys, remote-controlled, board games, make-up for girls, wooden toys and licensed product lines.

The large Globo showroom in Illasi is today the largest showroom in Italy and a point of reference for all stakeholders in the industry.

Our showroom

Our evolution

Chasing a dream


Carla and Giovanni Ortolani started Globo S.r.l., from their own entrepreneurial passion.

A place to grow up


The new headquarters in Illasi, near Verona, is born, consisting of 500 square meters of offices, a sample room, and 1,300 square meters of warehouse. 3 years later, it will quadruple.

Reality is better than the dream

The warehouse reaches 10,000 square meters and is fully automated. The graphic and IT departments are also born. It is time for Globo to become an S.p.A.

Happy 20, Globo!

Globo celebrates 20 years and is still growing. The warehouse is expanded and reaches 32,000 square meters of covered area!

Towards the toys production

China is the new frontier. This is where the new global challenges start. Globo wants to be the a key player there, and sets up a branch in Hong Kong.

25 years to look forward

Globo reaches a quarter of a century and develops a greater awareness of its potential. By now it is a successful company, destined to grow further.

Globo thinks global

Globo develops new strategies. The brand begins licensing and concludes partnership agreements with some of the most important entertainment companies.

A new awareness

The whole company is involved in defining a new brand positioning. The first result is the release of a new institutional press campaign with a communication format applied to all sub-brands.

Globo gets social

For the first time, Globo begins to communicate with its customers through an innovative website and a fan page on the most used social network in the world: Facebook.

YouTube Channel


Globo also opens its own YouTube channel, where all the videos produced by the company are published.

Globo E-commerce

Globo starts an online shop activity intending to provide a further service to its consumers to make a selection of its wide range of products available for purchase

35th anniversary

In 2017, Globo celebrates its 35th year of activity: an important milestone that comes after a rewarding journey. The company will continue to set ambitious goals to achieve. There are many projects to celebrate the success of during the next anniversary.

Instagram and LinkedIn


In order to be closer to customers and share ideas and projects, Globo expands its communication by landing on two other social networks: Instagram and LinkedIn.

Logistic Center expansion

Some changes are necessary to meet the needs of retailers and online shop activity. It's time to expand the logistics centers to increase the availability of products and provide a better service for customers.
Nuovo Logo Globo 2021

Globo takes on the future


Globo changes its image and summarizes the Vision in a simple graphic sign: a child who looks to the past and opens his arms to the future. The new identity translates the courage to turn dreams into reality, where children can grow through play.

Logo Globo 40esimo

40th Anniversary


In 2022 Globo reaches 40 years of activity. An important milestone synonymous with growth, solidity and maturity arrived after two challenging years in which expertise, passion and dedication made the difference and made Globo a recognized and established player in the market.  


Man is only fully human when he plays! 
Friederich Von Schiller

In Globo, we believe that play is a right of all children, no one exluded. In fact, we believe that playing is fundamental in every step of that wonderful path that leads each of us to become a man. Our responsibility, also towards parents, is therefore to guide, facilitate and support children in this journey with safe and stimulating toys.

It's our job to explore all the worlds of entertainment by selecting only the most suitable products to encourage, for example, the power of imagination and creativity, musical talent, and mental elasticity. These skills help every child free to play to grow, thus fully becoming a man.