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Over 60 collaborators in the headquarters in Illasi, a stone's throw from Verona. An operational area of over 1500sqm. A trading company in Hong Kong is dedicated to select the best toys for safety and quality. A 32,000 square meters warehouse allows us to handle over 800 containers and 100 trucks and ship 1,200 trucks per year destined for our customers. We also own a renovated 2,500mq showroom on two levels, the largest in Italy.

Sono questi i numeri di Globo, oggi. La più importante realtà nazionale nell’importazione di giocattoli value for money, protagonista dei suoi 40 anni di storia che registrano una crescita costante. Crescita che l’ha vista trasformarsi da piccola azienda famigliare condotta da Carla e Giovanni Ortolani a “top player” del settore, in grado di anticipare le richieste del mercato esplorando, selezionando, controllando e rendendo disponibili a tutti una sorprendente varietà di giochi.

Globo Today

Globo provides games for children, soft toys, remote controls, board games, make-up for girls, wooden toys and licensed product lines.

The large Globo showroom in Illasi is today the largest showroom in Italy and a reference point in the sector.

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Man is only fully human when he plays! 
Friederich Von Schiller

At Globo, we believe that play is a right of all children, without exception. We believe that playing is fundamental in every step of that path that leads everybody to become a man. Our responsibility, also towards parents, is to lead, facilitate and support children in this journey with safe and stimulating toys.

It's our job to explore all the worlds of entertainment by selecting only the most suitable products to encourage, for example, the power of imagination and creativity, musical talent, and mental elasticity. These skills help every child free to play to grow, thus fully becoming a man.