Globo worldwide

"Born in Italy, grown in the world"

It is the constant adjustment towards new frontiers of the fun that took us over the years to move us beyond the Italian borders and explore new worlds of toys.

A path that lead mainly to the Far East and that every day opens new scenarios in a constantly changing market. Today Europe is offering us opportunities in terms of choice and market, too. 

Our experience allows us to take only the most secure and reliable roads, and those that show good potential for success. And going back home, every time, with something unique and innovative.

Conceived and manufactured as it was made by us.

To give every child a total freedom of having fun.

Globo in Italy

A completely automated 32,000sqm warehouse able to unload, in one year, more than 800 containers and handling more than 12 million items.

A distribution network that covers every corner of the peninsula and a fleet of owned vehicles that can quickly reach both the small shop that the large retail chains.

This is the strength of Globo in Italy.

Logistical and commercial efficiency that makes the difference, and that is increasingly being used by other major players in the market to strengthen their distribution capacity.

To arrive earlier and better, in every part of the country.

  • 2.500 square meters
  • 2 floors of exhibition
  • More than 2.400 references on display
  • 25 thematic areas dedicated to different worlds of fun

The big Globo showroom in Illasi is now the largest showroom of Italy, a reference point for all operators in the sector.


Globo in Hong Kong

Ensuring every child the right to play also means ensuring that every product is safe and reliable.

For this reason, in 2005, Globo has opened a trading company in Hong Kong, the commercial heart of China. Here our employees work every day to make sure that all toys marketed meet the strict quality standards imposed by the company and carefully select the productive supply.

But being on site also has other advantages.

The main one is to be always in a privileged spot from which analyze the world of toys. Anticipating its demands, foreseeing trends, arriving earlier than others to the international more interesting new products.