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Fun for everyone

We offer various sub-brands such as Sbelletti, Spidko, and Legnoland, and not only! The fantastic world of Globo also includes W'Toy, a line to provide many toys featured by a thousand shapes and uses. Toy suitable for both boys and girls to play at the park or home. W'Toy range offers safe fun for everyone at any price range.

We offer water guns, musical instruments, toy soldiers, robots, and castles of fairy tales. A wide range of games by Globo to safe play every day!

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The large Globo showroom in Illasi is today the largest showroom in Italy and a point of reference for all stakeholders in the industry.

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Our brands

Swimming pool and Relax
Bolle di sapone
A world of tenderness
Outdoor and Fun
Electric vehicles
Play with the whole family
Linea Ecosostenibile
100% Made in Italy
Shape your Creative Ideas
Pasta da modellare
La tua fashion doll
Pure softness
Stand out with style
The world of wooden toys
Grow full of Vitamina G
Divertimento per tutte le età
Modeling die-cast

Licensed games

For a few years, Globo has been distributing a wide range of electric vehicles with licenses from the most important car manufacturers worldwide: Fiat, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Mini, Maserati, and Volkswagen. The company has also developed a range of items inspired by the armed forces in collaboration with the Italian Carabinieri.

Distributed brands

Globo has entered into agreements with several major international companies for the distribution sector of exclusive items on the Italian market to expand the range of products.

Our partnerships include that with Welly for an assortment of licensed die-casts, with Falk for plastic ride-on toys, with Jilong for a full range of inflatables, with Trefl for board games and puzzles, with Craze for a line of beautiful colored Galupy ponies.