Made in Globo quality

Safe toys

Whenever we select a new game, the first we think of are the children. Their safety is not only an indispensable value for Globo but also a fundamental ethical principle. Our choices do not depend only on the beauty and usability of the product and follow different quality criteria, such as the origin of the raw materials, the use of absolutely non-toxic paints, in the shape and size of all those elements that make up the toy.

We collaborate with authoritative laboratories to carry out accurate analyzes on all products that undergo all the tests required by the European Directives on the safety of toys (2009/48 / EC), on Electromagnetic Compatibility (004/108 / EC), and Radio Equipment (199/5 / EC). Only the presence of all these requirements, certified by the "CE" and safety marks, guarantees every parent a quality made in Globo.

100% fun, 100% safe

There is no quality toy with no safety standards: parents know this well, and over time they have made this market increasingly attentive and sensitive to the theme of safe games. Globo has chosen the effectiveness of ICQ-IIGS, a brand accredited by the European Commission that certifies the products by submitting them to severe tests and strict controls.

Which are they? Find out it together:

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A team of specialized psychologists establishes the age range.

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A team of experts studies the toy to assess any possible risk associated with its use and abuse. Based on these analyzes, specific tests necessary for certification are established.

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We carry out crash tests, torsion tests, simulated biting, checking for any detachments or parts that could cause trauma, elimination of sharp edges or points and small parts that the child could swallow.

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Chemical analyzes allow us to check that the raw materials, adhesives, and paints used are not dangerous.

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Constant checks of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and frequency bands are carried out in the laboratory.

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Soft toys, and all toys made of fabric or stuffed, are subjected to the "fire test".

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The whole production flow is verified through inspections and sampling procedures on each single production lot.

A mark to protect the children

ICQ - IISG Giochi sicuri mark certifies the safety and total harmlessness of the materials used to manufacture the toys. Notified by the European Commission, it is essential for the issue of the CE marking. All toys undergo rigorous laboratory tests to achieve it.