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Let's find out together how beautiful growing is

The surrounding reality represents a continuous stimulus for newborns who in a short time begin to interact with the surrounding environment by recognizing the mother's face or some familiar objects.

It is not enough to touch the toys, you have to grab them, turn them and, why not, even taste them! From the moment of the first smile, every little movement represents a demonstration of joy that has the power to conquer anyone.

  • Animali Peluche Sempre in Piedi
  • BeBath Vaschetta Bagnetto Gonfiabile
  • Cuscino Amico Peluche
  • Giostrina Carillon Amici dei Sogni
  • Luna Lampada Notturna
  • Maxi Tappeto Mattonelle Puzzle
  • Palla Sonaglio in Stoffa 18 cm
  • Peluche Alpaca
  • Peluche Dolce Orsetto – 85 cm
  • Peluche orsetto con tutina unicorno
  • Peluche Orsetto Dolce Cuore
  • Peluche Tenera Tutina – 32 cm
  • Pelux Tenero Orsetto – 90 cm
  • Sleeping Friend Unicorno Proiettore
  • Soft Peluche Carillon
  • Tappetone Area Gioco Double Face
  • Tartaruga Carillon Dolci Sogni