6/8 years

A world full of friends
The time school starts and children make new friends, increasing awareness and knowledge of the rules. Motor skills allow children to take up sports, and creativity is applied both in moments of play and in the daily routine. The time spent away from the family increases, but the need to be reassured by close and familiar figures is still very strong.
  • Chitarra Classica in Legno
  • Cloro Granurale 56%
  • Cofanetto Trucchi Magica Sirena
  • Cofanetto Trucchi Pochette
  • Giochi da Tavolo 3 in 1
  • Grande Calcetto 4 Aste
  • Grande Trampolino Elastico
  • Kit Decora Unghie
  • Megalopolis Deluxe
  • Pencils workshop
  • Piantana Basket Regolabile
  • Piscina Baby Soft Base
  • Piscina Fast Set
  • Pista Treno a Vapore
  • Road signs
  • Set Mezzi da Cantiere
  • Specchiera Castle Charme
  • Tombolone Bingo
  • Tombolone Bingo in Legno
  • Trampolino Elastico Junior
  • Trousse Gelato Ghiacciolo
  • Trousse Unicorno